Come On, Sweet Death


I know, I know I’ve let you down

I’ve been a fool to myself

I thought that I could live for no one else

But now through all the hurt and pain

It’s time for me to respect

The ones you love mean more than anything

So with sadness in my heart

I feel the best thing I could do

Is end it all and leave forever

What’s done is done it feels so bad

What once was happy now is sad

I’ll never love again my world is ending

I wish that I could turn back time

Cause now the guilt is all mine

Can’t live without the trust from those you love

I know we can’t forget the past

You can’t forget love and pride

Because of that, it’s kill in me inside

It all returns to nothing

Rain and Tears


Rain and Tears

  • Aphrodite’s child

Rain and tears are all the same

But in the sun

You’ve got to play the game

When you cry in winter time

You can’t pretend it’s nothing but the rain

How many times I’ve seen

Tear’s coming from your blue eyes

Rain and tears are all the same

But in the sun

You’ve got to play the game

Give me the moods of love

And I need the moods of love

Rain and tears in the sun for in your heart

You fell the rainbow waves

Rain and tears both are shown for in my hear

The live will be on the sun

Rain the tears are all the same

Rain in the sun you’ve got play the game

侯孝贤导演的《最好的时光》里青春梦部分的配乐。张震和舒淇饰演的秀美在台球室认识,张震要去服兵役,两人约好书信联系。等张震休假期间回来时,秀美已经换了工作地点。张震辗转之下终于找到秀美,然而距离他要回军营的时间已近不多。两人于是一起来到夜市吃面,《rain and tears》响起。两人在雨后的街头等车,张震鼓起勇气牵住了秀美的手。